Cold, allergies or the flu? How to know the difference…

January 31, 2019

The flu can be detrimental and what can you do to recover or prevent from getting the flu can be life saving.  Dr. Stewart shares with the audience on how to know the difference between allergies, a cold and the flu and offers his expertise on how to get better through nutritional support and key lifestyle recommendations.  Knowing the status of your immune system before flu season can be a big help.

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Immune / Auto-Immune / Inflammatory Genetic Testing

October 16, 2018

In this episode we discuss with Dr. Stewart one of the major genetic panels from GX Sciences, Immune/Auto-Immune/Inflammatory Panel. We discuss the 30 genes selected, why they were chosen and how to interpret the patient's nutrigenomic report and apply the appropriate treatment protocols.

Who needs this panel? Those who have...

Asthma • Allergies • Chronic Infections • Eczema / Psoriasis • Any Auto-Immune Disease • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Lupus
• Sjogren’s • Inflammatory Bowel Disease"• Chronic Dry Eyes • Hashimoto’s • Chronic Fatigue • Immune Weakness

Understanding a person's predispositions and what you can do about them can be a valuable tool in both prevention and treatment. Nutrition is an essential part of any health program. 

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Genetic Mutations Associated With Stomach/GI Problems

September 11, 2018

In this episode Dr. Stewart discusses the genetic mutations that can be tested for patients with stomach and intestinal issues.  The GX Gastrointestinal panel can assist people in knowing if they have stomach problems potentially caused by gluten, casein, lactose, histamine and much more.

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Methylation: New Treatments Beyond The MTHFR

July 20, 2018

Listen as Dr. Stewart discusses methylation, beyond the MTHFR, and why it holds the key to our health and how to treat naturally.  

The proper functioning of the entire methylation cycle is essential for CRITICAL reactions in the body."


Per Dr. Stewart "The term methylation describes a biochemical process that is utilized in the body for transport of nutrients, energy production and in gene modulation. In patients with decreased methylation activity (i.e. methylation deficiency), there are significant shortcomings in the ability to execute a variety of important chemical functions in the body. These shortcomings can leave the body unprotected from the everyday assault of environmental and infectious agents, sluggish in neurotransmitter production and slow to recover from inflammatory damage.

This shortfall can result in a wide range of medical conditions including neurological issues, such as seizures, migraines, dizziness, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD/ADHD, developmental delay, autism, dementias and memory issues, chronic persistent infections, auto-immune disease, neural tube defects, infertility and pregnancy complications. Appropriate supplementation with the proper methylated vitamins and nutrients will bypass the genetic and acquired deficits and restore appropriate function of the pathway resulting in improvement in these complicated syndromes.

The proper functioning of the methylation cycle is essential for CRITICAL reactions in the body."

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Neurological, Psychological & Chronic Pain Genetic Mutations

July 9, 2018

In this episode we review 2 nutrigenomic panels created by Dr. Stewart for GX Sciences.  He reviews the genes variants chosen and tested for SNPs in each panel and how to interpret a patient's genetic report.

Why Choose The Chronic Pain Panel...If you are suffering from:

• Inflammatory Bowel Disease • Fibromyalgia • Stomach Pain
• Headaches / Migraines • Feeling of pins / needles • Back Spasms • Unexplained Pain

Why Choose The Neurological/Psych Panel...If you are suffering from:

  • Adult ADD / ADHD • Headaches / Migraine / Cluster • Seizure Disorders • Vertigo / Dizziness • Bi-polar
  • Neuropathies / Neuralgias • Schizophrenia / Psychosis •  Parkinson’s • Gait Disorders

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Why Genetic Testing Is Necessary Today

May 15, 2018

Listen as we discuss with Dr. Stewart the announcement of GX Sciences genetic solutions company.  We will share the process of Dr. Stewart creating 13 nutrigenomic panels and why it was necessary to move our lab to Austin, create the proprietary software SNP Genius, for easy genetic interpretation and nutritional recommendations.  These genetic panels now offer lifestyle recommendations and potential labs a medical provider should consider ordering for their patients based upon their genetic results.

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New Findings & Treatments For ADD/ADHD

May 3, 2018

Listen as we hear from Dr. Stewart new findings in the way ADHD should be treated.  We also discuss new gene mutations that can tell us how to treat the patients suffering from ADHD at all ages.  Genetics does play a role but other things can manifest this disorder as well.


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Autophagy: A Genetic Game Changer

February 15, 2018

Listen in as we discuss with Dr. Stewart the explanation and findings of autophagy.  He teaches us how autophagy works in the body and shares gene findings that we need to pay attention to.  

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GAD Mutations: The Link To Depression, Anxiety and Sleep Problems

December 18, 2017

In this episode we discuss how GAD mutations affect so many people today.  We talk about why those with GAD mutations tend to suffer from anxiety, poor mood, poor sense of well being and sleep problems.  We also discuss how a person with GAD mutations can overcome this mutation nutritionally and through other ways explained by Dr. Stewart.

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Natural Ways to Combat Inflammation and Stress (Hemp / PEA)

December 6, 2017

Many people look good on the outside but stress could be killing them through a constant inflammatory state.  Learn to decrease brain and body inflammation naturally.

In this new episode, we discuss with Dr. Stewart physical stress vs. emotional stress and how they are different. We find out how over time the affects of emotional stress can create disease and health problems.  We will also discuss how to help yourself through stressful times through nutrition and potentially finding out your genetic profile that can help you understand why you stress the way you do.

We discuss nutritional elements for stress such as CBD and PEA for inflammation control and low dose Naltrexone.

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Can Your Stomach Issues Be Causing You Brain Issues?

February 20, 2017

How much does our stomach health affect our brain health?  Listen as how Dr. Stewart explains the amazing connection between the two.  We also discuss the following:

  • How neurotransmitters affect the bowel
  • Choosing the right nutrition to support both
  • Maintaining a health gut flora and good brain health
  • How the immune system affects the nervous system

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Why Is Everyone Getting Genetic Testing? 8 Minute Overview

January 30, 2017

Learn from Dr. Stewart the following:

  • Why a provider should have genetic testing on all their patients
  • How a patient can use their genetic results for life and show other providers their results
  • How nutrigenomic testing is the future of medicine and how, along with bloodwork, can benefit the patient and provider's treatment
  • How this type of testing can save patient's money so they do not choose the wrong supplementation 
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Weight Loss: Why Some People Have A Harder Time Than Others

January 19, 2017

We discuss with Dr. Stewart on this episode the following:

  • Genetic challenges that can hinder your weight loss
  • How genetics plays a role in being thin
  • The long term effects of weight loss drugs on the brain and emotional center
  • Why many people may never lose weight due to health issues

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