Autism & Processing Disorders: Causes, Treatment & Development In Pre-Screening Your Child Prior To Vaccine - EPISODE 11

November 24, 2014

Dr. Stewart discusses in this episode his vast experience in treating children on the spectrum since 2002.  He gives his personal knowledge and insight into:

-Why boys get autism or are diagnosed more than girls (1 in 20 boys is the latest statistic for autism in boys)
-How to choose the appropriate treatment and how to know when to begin therapy
-What you should be asking your pediatrician before vaccinations
-Blood work you can obtain prior to vaccinating your child
-Where to begin with a nutritional program and why METHYLATION is key to recovering a person on the spectrum
-Diet and how it plays a role in inflammation and recovery
-Genetic mutations that may be associated with autism or processing disorders
-Dr. Stewart's protocol 

For information on nutritional products mentioned in this episode visit and click on the "Autism / Sensory Issues" and "Methylation" categories.