Genetic Mutations: What Should You Pay Attention To? - Episode 13-Season 1

December 29, 2014

Dr. Stewart discusses in the final episode of 2014 types of genetic testing and mutations and what they mean to you and your family.

He gives his personal knowledge and insight into:

-Pharmaco Genetic testing for prescription drugs.  How they can help you choose the right drug per your genetics.
     *Cheek swab, saliva or blood tests (
-What is a genetic mutation/polymorphism and what mutations you should and should not be concerned with
-How to choose the appropriate nutritional products based upon your genetic mutations
     *MTHFR Mutations (C677, 1298) Key To Methylation
     *MTRR Mutations
     *COMT Mutation related to anxiety and depression (3 forms)
     *MAO Mutation
     *CBS Mutation
     *SOD Mutation (mitochondria and chemical issue)
-Why you need a professional to interpret and correlate your genetic results
-Where to begin with a nutritional program and why genetic testing can be the link to the right nutritional products
-Dr. Stewart's protocol for mutations and methylation deficiencies.
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