Coffee With Dr. Stewart

ADHD In Children w/ Special Guest Dr. Emily Gutierrez - Episode 2 / Season 2

September 8, 2015

Episode 2 features Dr. Emily Gutierez from NeuroNutrition Associates.  She will enlighten us with her medical knowledge and clinical experience on ADHD.

She Covers The Following: 
*How to diagnose and should you get a diagnosis 
*Is ADHD really a symptom of children? 
*Are pharmaceutical ADHD drugs the answer 
*How can we naturally support ADHD symptoms 

What Dr. Gutierrez addresses when accessing a patient:
*Diet Dos and Donts
*Genetic Testing (Pharmaco & 23 and Me)
*Thyroid and Essential Lab Work
*Nutritional History
*Nutritional Supplements Recommendations
*Trauma & Psychological Distress

For information on Dr. Gutierrez visit or visit the genetic assessment category at